Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pre-War Perfection!

Pre-War Perfection

The Admaston was built in 1910-11 in the Beaux Art style of the famous designers George and Edward Blum. Originally from France, the Blum brothers pursued scattered studies of architecture both in New York and in France. By 1908, they settled in New York and formed their own firm, becoming known over the next 20 years as among the most talented New York architects of the quintessential form of 20th Century urban housing in the City-the apartment building. The 12 story Admaston offers 72 spectacular apartments adorned with the exquisite and unusual terra-cotta decorative elements that quickly became Blum trademarks. From its commanding appearance right down to its smallest, most intricate detail, this stately building exemplifies the incomparable elegance and architectural integrity our hearts desire, while offering all the comforts of home we long for.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The old roof was stripped down to the quarry tiles and a new roof was installed.
Parapet covers of copper were installed.
An area was set aside as a roof garden. Paving stones were laid down and a tall iron fence was installed to outline the garden.
A gardening company was retained to design and maintain the roof garden with shrubs and seasonal plantings. An automatic watering system keeps everything green.
The roof garden is furnished with tables, umbrellas and disposable plastic furniture.
The plastic furniture is cheaper and easier to maintain than more traditional heavy wood or metal furniture.
The two water tanks are refurbished, repaired and cleaned on a regular basis.