Monday, April 30, 2012


The floor in the outer lobby was replaced with green marble.
The cabinetry and the Concierge desk was constructed of mahogany.
The lobby was renovated with new mail boxes, mahogany cabinetry, new light fixtures and new radiator covers with brass grill work.  The radiator covers and counter tops are constructed of green marble to match the floor in the outer lobby.
An Oriental carpet was purchased for the lobby.
Four Queen Anne wing chairs were purchased for the lobby.
An electric heater was installed over the main entrance to increase heat to the outer lobby.
The passenger elevator and the service elevator were completely replaced – motors, cabs, cables -- everything. 
The interior of the service elevator was refinished in textured stainless steel with a commercial tile floor.  When not in use for building maintenance, the service elevator doubles as a second passenger elevator.
The interior of the passenger elevator was refinished in wood paneling.  The floor is green marble to match the green marble in the lobbies. 
The iron grillwork at the entrance is original to the building.
The floor of the main lobby is constructed of marble tile and is original to the building. 
The hall floors are constructed of ceramic tile and are original to the building.
The huge mirrors across the back of the lobby are original to the building.
The large marble console table in the lobby is original to the building.
The lobby floor and the hall floors are given a periodic buffing with a special machine to shine and preserve them.
The missing decorative pipe on the two stone areas outside the building was replaced.
A pair of brass luggage carts are available for the convenience of residents.
                  Brass numbers have been installed on the apartment doors.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did you know the Admaston is over 100 years old? Read the article about our facade here:


The entire façade was steam cleaned and new pointing done. 
Every five years in accordance with the New York City Local Law 11, the façade is  checked periodically for deterioration.
Any structural or cosmetic damage is corrected at the beginning of the five year cycle rather than at the end.
Over the years we have replaced pointing, terra cotta decorations (using a new process that uses a mixture of fiberglass and concrete that is created in molds made from the actual pieces of terra cotta.  This process is more impervious to wear than the original terra cotta.)  During our last façade work some 250 pieces of terra cotta were replaced.All regular windows were replaced by new double glazed windows with metal frames.
In the halls, the new stained glass windows with metal frames that are exact copies of the originals.  
The stained glass skylights in the lobby and the outer lobby are original to the building.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gorgeous 6 room apartment coming on the market soon!! Check back for more details!!